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Lottabody | Activate Me Curl Activator (10.1)

Lottabody | Activate Me Curl Activator (10.1)

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Product Details

Enriched with Coconut and Shea Oils, this formula deeply penetrates and hydrates hair, leaving hair soft and nourished with a brilliant shine. This moisturizing, detangling, curl activator defines and refreshes curls and coils while taming frizz.

  • Infused with Coconut & Shea Oils
  • Moisturizes & Defines Curls
  • Refreshes Curls & Coils
  • Tames Frizz & Adds shine
  • No SulfatesĀ 
  • No Silicone
  • For Natural Hair
  • Moisturizes & defines curls.
  • Refreshes curls & Coils
  • Tames frizz & Adds shine


Leaves hair bouncy and springy and is perfect for all hair textures.


See packaging.

How To

After cleansing hair with our Lottabody Cleanse Me Co-Wash, section damp hair. Apply Activate Me Curl Activator from root to tip section by section. Finger style to define curls and air dry. DO NOT RINSE. Reapply to dry hair to refresh curls as needed.

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