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Pristine 4x4 Natural Black Deep Wave Closure

Pristine 4x4 Natural Black Deep Wave Closure

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Category: Closures/Frontals
Brand: Pristine
Material: 100% Virgin Brazilian Remy Human Hair
Lengths: 10", 12"
Style: Deep Wave

Product Details

  • 4x4 Swiss Lace Coverage
  • Free Parting
  • Baby Hair
  • Natural Looking Scalp
  • Soft and Lasting Healthy Texture
  • Hand Tied Lace
  • Single Knot
  • Perfect Blend with Sew-in
  • Natural Comfort
  • Dye, Bleach, Perm Safe

Care Instructions

Care Guide Step1: Before shampooing, brush hair with a paddle brush, or comb out tangles with a wide tooth comb Step2: Shampoo hair in lukewarm water and rinse. Step3: Apply conditioner and allow it to sit for 2-3 minutes. Then, rinse in cool water. Step4: Gently pat and squeeze out excess water with a towel. Step5:Spray a leave-in conditioner or simply comb out hair and allow it to air dry

Do's & Don'ts

What to Do 1. Apply or spray a leave-in conditioner 2. After any chemical service, you may give yourself a hair treatment using a deep conditioning balm for hydration.(Ask your stylist which hair product best suits you) 3.Brush your hair daily from ends to roots; this will keep your hair smooth and keep your hair from tangling. What Not to Do 1.Do not use heat in excess (eg, curling irons, flat irons, blow-dryers, etc.). Always use heat in moderation to prevent dehydration which can cause loss of moisture and tangling. 2.Do not perform a chemical service without the supervision of a professional stylist. You may over process your hair, causing irreversible hair damage. 3.Do not go to bed without wrapping, braiding, or placing a sleeping cap on your head to prevent tangling or matting while sleeping.

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