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THE BUNDLE | Body Wave 3 Bundles + 13x4 Closure

THE BUNDLE | Body Wave 3 Bundles + 13x4 Closure

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Category: Closures/Frontals Pack
Material: 100% Unprocessed Virgin Brazilian Remy Human Hair
Lengths: 22"-26"
Style: Body Wave

Product Details

  • Natural Hair
  • 1 Pack Solution
  • Silk Base Closure
  • Whole Handmade
  • Dye, Bleach, Perm Safe

Care Instructions

1.Remove all the glue and comb out all the tangles, make the hair smooth. 2.Soak the closure in cold water with shampoo and spin it slowly in one direction for a few minutes then rinse it. 3. Soak the closure into clean conditioner water. 4. Lay your wet closure on a clean and dry towel and wrap it for towel-drying. Let the towel absorb moisture from your closure (don't rub or squeeze) and hang it on a rack for air-drying.

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